Adult ADD

Happy ADHD/ADD Awareness Month!

So because October is Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder¬† ( ADHD/ADD) awareness month. I feel it is an important time to write a post about it as I have this disorder/condition/gift. I’ve also seen a thousand travel blogs addressing all kinds of mental and physical ailments from cancer to autism, but I have yet to see one about travelers with ADHD/ADD. I am sure there are some, but I have not read one yet.¬† Feel free…

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De Facto States

Couchsurfing Rybnitsa edition!

I’ve been a member of couchsurfing since about 2010/2011 . It has been one of the best things I have ever done. I started really using it when I was in France studying abroad. I continued to use it ever since for hosting, surfing and meet ups. While many people think it is just a free way to stay somewhere, I have to say it is more than that. Most of the places I travel…

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