Balkans De Facto States

A tale of two cities: Mitrovica

Welcome back to the spaceship:) This week I am going to stick to Kosovo again. Well according to 112/197¬† members of the UN, the other 85 will say it is still Serbia. You can call it whatever you like. The Kosovo-Serbia topic, debate, discussion, pissing contest has been going on for nearly 20 years. The city of Mitrovica is one of the most contested parts, if not the most. The majority of the events leading…

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Unexpected city crush : Prizren, Kosovo

      A few months ago , I was craving another Balkan trip . I was speaking with a good Dutch friend of mine about his planned trip to the Balkans and was convinced that I am overdue for a Balkan experience. I went to the god of cheap flights and found a 10 euro¬† Budapest- Pristina flight and another 10 Euro Skopje -Bratislava trip flight. So it was settled, I made a spontaneous…

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