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Why you should give Envigado a go

During my first week in Medellin, I did basically what everyone else did and stayed in Poblado. While I understand the appeal of Poblado as it is full of many excellent cafes and resturants and close to the nightlife, I wanted something different for my second week. I decided to go with Envigado, and it was one of the best decisions I have made on this trip. If I go to Medellin again, I will for…

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South America

Travel bust- Colombia’s Costa Norte

Hey there fellow cadets! I’ve been on another hiatus the last couple of months. I have been busy turning a new decade, trying to sort the digital nomad from the states and visiting the western hemisphere. Currently, I am in Medellin, Colombia for a couple of weeks. I am spending a few weeks in Colombia, Ecuador and hopefuly Peru’s northern coast trying to avoid seasonal depression. I’ve also heard some great things from a lot…

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Kick ass day trips from Saranda

Hey fellow cadets! Sorry for the time gap, I’ve been in the process of moving out of Prague for the meantime and trying to move to the next planet on my spaceship. Let’s flashback to Southern Albania, shall we? As I posted previously, I spent some time in southern Albania. While I usually am traveling solo, I do join a group of my good friends on an annual late summer/early fall holiday. I joined these…

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Albania Balkans Road trip

Road tripping the Albanian Riviera

One of the best things from my recent trip to southern Albania was the road trip along the Albanian coast. After Mike and I waved goodbye to our friends at the port from our villa (we weren’t kind enough to walk with them to the port), we looked into how we could see more of the coast since we had a couple of extra days in the area. The easiest way to make a trip along…

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Moral Dilemma Southeast Asia

Weighing in on the ethics of visiting Myanmar

OOOPS Back up cadets! This was intended to be posted before I got around to posting about Albania 🙂     While I flashback to my trip to Myanmar, I remember some concerns raised by a few people I know. These weren’t from uneducated and isolated folks either..Some of them were informed and compassionate people. They would drop comments such as  ” I can’t believe you would go there after what they did to the…

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Why you should go to Southern Albania in late September

  Hello fellow cadets and others! I have just returned from a fantastic trip to southern Albania. A group of friends and I rented an apartment in Saranda, Albania and used it as our base. There were some days we took day trips and others where we did absolutely nothing. I stuck around a few days longer with Mike to make a couple of extra trips around southern Albania. I have to say I am…

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Bus rides Southeast Asia

Getting the cadet to Bagan

    After a day or two of Yangon madness, Mike and I decided to change the channel. We had a limited amount for Myanmar, so we had to get cracking. Most people come to Myanmar for 2-4 weeks, because the country is so large and getting from place to place is rather time-consuming.  We had only 8 or 9 days, so this was just a sample compared to everyone else. We decided that the…

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City Stomp Southeast Asia

Yondering Yangon

Hey fellow cadets! Nice to find you again. After a quite a few months and missions to keep me occupied, I have returned. This entry will look at another yet another peculiar city I visited, Yangoon. Last February, I was once again fed up with the winter Prague has to offer. This time I decided to skip frozen conflict zones in Europe and go somewhere warmer. I took the spaceship down with my long-term partner in…

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Balkans De Facto States

A tale of two cities: Mitrovica

Welcome back to the spaceship:) This week I am going to stick to Kosovo again. Well according to 112/197  members of the UN, the other 85 will say it is still Serbia. You can call it whatever you like. The Kosovo-Serbia topic, debate, discussion, pissing contest has been going on for nearly 20 years. The city of Mitrovica is one of the most contested parts, if not the most. The majority of the events leading…

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