City Stomp Southeast Asia

Yondering Yangon

Hey fellow cadets! Nice to find you again. After a quite a few months and missions to keep me occupied, I have returned.¬†This entry will look at another yet another peculiar city I visited, Yangoon. Last February, I was once again fed up with the winter Prague has to offer. This time I decided to skip frozen conflict zones in Europe and go somewhere warmer. I took the spaceship down with my long-term partner in…

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Central Asia City Stomp

The weirdest capital city I’ve ever been to

Some of my fellow travel friends often tell me I am too focused on visiting capitals of places and miss the “real deal” of a country.¬† I forgot the memo that the hundreds of thousands that live in capitals don’t account for real people. I’ll live up to this accusation and write about a capital city that I recently visited less than a couple of weeks ago.   Astana, Kazakhstan          …

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