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Why you should give Envigado a go

During my first week in Medellin, I did basically what everyone else did and stayed in Poblado. While I understand the appeal of Poblado as it is full of many excellent cafes and resturants and close to the nightlife, I wanted something different for my second week. I decided to go with Envigado, and it was one of the best decisionsĀ I have made on this trip. If I go to Medellin again, I will for…

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Kick ass day trips from Saranda

Hey fellow cadets! Sorry for the time gap, I’ve been in the process of moving out of Prague for the meantime and trying to move to the next planet on my spaceship. Let’s flashback to Southern Albania, shall we? As I posted previously, I spent some time in southern Albania. While I usually am traveling solo, I do join a group of my good friends on an annual late summer/early fall holiday. I joined these…

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