Who I am?

I am from the States, but I’ve been mostly based in Europe for the last seven years. I recently left Prague after being there for 6 years and currently working on the next place. I am not one of those that is completely nomadic, but I’ve sort of been back and forth a lot especially in the last couple of years. A large chunk of my travels recently has been in Eastern Europe and former CIS Republics. (subject to change ) I have an odd fascination for unrecognized or partially states.

What is with the name ” Southern space cadet”?

The creation of “The southern space cadet” comes from a collection of several running jokes.

The first part is easy to explain. I was born and raised in the Southern US. My mum’s family goes back many generations. While I show little to none of the “stereotypes” and the paternal side of my family is the polar opposite of southern. I realized that the label will never go away. I have ambivalence with it, but decided to accept it. Besides, Flannery o’conner and shrimp poboys are awesome. Really, I just wanted an adjective that started with an S to go with “space cadet”.

The ” space cadet” part is more complicated. I’ve been jokingly referred to as a space cadet my entire life for two reasons. I grew up in town that used to rely heavily upon and still does to some extent on the space industry. My father recently retired from working 30 years in the space program.. My stepfather also has worked in the space industry. I used to have an interest in astrophysics and astronomy until I learned that I suck at physics or at least couldn’t get my focus together to try. Although, I have done some research on the geopolitics of space. Yes, it is a thing.

The second element of the “space cadet” factor is that I suffer from  Attention Deficit Disorder aka ADD. I’ve been diagnosed several times since I was a teenager. I struggle when focusing on some single tasks and give the impression that I’m quite absent-minded or on drugs. It has been my blessing and my curse in every single aspect of my life. My travel experiences have not been excluded from it either.

So there y’all have it, that is why I am a southern space cadet.